This may come as a sad news for all the people of Jamshedpur who love their beloved city. In a shocking notice by the supreme court to the Jharkhand government on a PIL, which has demanded that the city of Jamshedpur be taken out of the control of the Tatas, who have historically been in charge since 99 years, and handed over to an elected body.
Establishment of a municipality means the basic decisions for the city will be taken by an elected council directly accountable to the people. It’s needless to mention how poorly the local governments have acted till date in the case of other cities of Jharkhand.
As there was no municipality in Jamshedpur, basic services such as primary education, health, sanitation, water supply, solid waste management, and other public necessities like road, parks etc are the responsibility of Tata which has done a great job till now.

There’s no denying the fact that bringing an elected body to take care of the city will mean more corruption, poor infrastructure and bad roads.
Jamshedpur has never faced any problem with water, electricity or other civic amenities because of the care taken by the Tatas. It has one of the best hospitals in eastern India, and certainly in Jharkhand

If you bestow your trust with the Tatas, and want only the Tatas to maintain the civic amenities in the steel city instead of corrupt politicians then sign the petition raised by a Jamshedpur resident, Sutirtha Sanyal and let Jamshedpur be with the Tata’s and not corrupt politicians for their selfish gains. The link for the petition goes below:

Click here to sign the petition

The petition already has 7,050 signatures at the time of writing this post, please share this more and more with everyone on whatsapp and facebook to contribute to our own future.



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