Not Kidding: Jamshedpur to become power hub by 2019

I know this may sound too good to be true as its just another news you must be hearing since you were a kid born and bought up in Jamshedpur. The news of Jamshedpur having 24 hrs of electricity is something we have dreamt of since ages. Man have now stepped on mars and we are still waiting for 24hrs of electricity, poor us!

But hold your breath everyone, the dream is not so far if there is no act of god (or act of corruption for the sake). The power grids have come up in Baliguma (132/33 KV grid sub-station), Chaibasa (220/132/33 KV grid sub-station), Manoharpur (132/33 KV grid sub-station) and Ramchandrapur (132/33 KV grid sub-station) at a total cost of Rs 130 crore.

In all, 256 power sub-stations will become functional in the next eight months and over two-third of required transmission line will be laid by 2019 as per our CM Raghubar Das.
The CM also said that lanes of Jamshedpur, will be fitted with LED lights before Durga Puja in September this year.

Lets hope our Jharkhand government realize the ambitious dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make electricity available to every household by 2019 and we get benifitted out of it sooner than we expect.



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