Top 10 beautiful destinations to visit in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, being the largest and cleanest city in Jharkhand, is considered one of the best planned industrial cities in the country. It is famous for its diverse culture and it’s scenic beauty. The most shocking fact being it has been awarded as the cleanest city in India despite being the industrial hub of Jharkhand. Despite the industrialisation the scenic beauty is so rich that it makes a favourite place for tourists nearby. Here we take a look at the top destinations to visit in Jamshedpur.

1. Dalma Hills

Dalma Hills is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the land situated at an altitude of 3000 ft above sea level and just 13 km from Jamshedpur. The dense forests, wildlife sanctuary and Lord Shiva temple attract tourists in great numbers. The serenity of the hills makes it a perfect place for unwinding. Adventure seekers are not disappointed as well. Since there is scope for trekking and mount climbing, the more adventurous minds do not allow themselves to be tied down by its stunning beauty.

2. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

To spot some of the rare species and endangered animals, you need to be at Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the wild animals found here include elephants, tigers, leopards, sloth beers, gaurs, chital, barking deer and elephants. Elephants are star attraction here as they migrate in great numbers to this sanctuary from various places during summer.

3. Dimna lake

Dimna Lake is located in a picturesque setting at the foot of the famous Dalma Hills and near Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. The lake was constructed by Tata Steel as a water reservoir to serve the needs of its industry as well as the city. The lake looks stunning with the shadows of the majestic hills and the dense trees around. An ideal place for a morning walk and you may be inspired by those who perform various yoga poses here under the shadows of the trees. Sunrise and sunset views are amazing.

4. Hudco lake

Hudco Lake is situated in Telco Colony. It is one of the star attractions of Jamshedpur as the lake with its artificial waterfalls and beautiful park draws visitors in great numbers. This beautiful place nicely covered by Trees and the park adds to it. The hill adjacent to the park has been renovated into a park, which is called as Sumant Mulgaonkar Park.

5. Bhuvaneswari Temple

Located at an altitude of 500 feet above sea level, Bhuvaneswari Temple attracts everyone regardless of the faith one believes in. The Bhuvaneshwari Temple is located on the top of a hill in Telco area of Jamshedpur. The ambience of the temple is calm and serene. The best thing is the full panoramic view of the steel city from the top of the mountain in the temple premises. It looks even better in the evening with the city lights

6. Jubilee Park

Jublee park

Jubilee Park covers an area of 225 acres. It was inaugurated in the year 1956. With Vrindhavan Garden in Mysore as the inspiration behind its construction, Jubilee Park delights the visitors with its stunning landscape. The three colored fountains look stunning in the evening when illuminated. Well maintained trees and flowerbeds make this place exceedingly beautiful. Some of the sections in the park include Rose Garden, Smriti Udyan, Tata Steel Zoological Park and Foliage Park.

7. Jayanti Sarovar

Jayanti Sarovar

Jayanti Sarovar is situated inside Jubilee Park, which was inaugurated in 1956. It covers an area of 40 acres. This place is perfect, if someone wants peace and cleanliness. The zoo surrounding the lake offers visitors a sight of a wide range of birds and animals. Boat riding facility is also available here.

8. Tata Steel Zoological Park

Tata Steel Zoological Park situated inside the Jubilee Park is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Bird watchers love this place as migratory birds are viewed here in winters. Safari rides take you through the woods so that you can view animals in their natural environment and not caged.

9. Jamshedpur Coin Museum

This museum is managed by Coin Collectors Club. Old and rare coins have been displayed in the museum. Around 1,200 antique coins gets featured here and gets a lot of visitors on a daily basis. It is located in Ambagan, Sakchi, Jamshedpur and something you must visit if you are in Jamshedpur.

10. Laser Show And Musical Fountain 

Watch a colourful display as water takes centre stage and dances gracefully to the beat of music and brilliantly choreographed lighting.
This is followed by the spectacle of a hi-tech laser show. A not-to-be-missed extravaganza if you are in Jamshedpur. Located opposite of Jayanti Sarovar (Lake), Sonari, Jamshedpur

Apart from these main attractions, you can travel upto 200kms to visit some falls, Dasam falls, Hudru Falls, Johna Falls, Patratu highway, Rajrappa temple towards Ranchi.

Shimlipal National Park – 108km towards Orissa

Hazaribagh National Park – 260 km toward Hazaribagh.

Extracts credits: Shreeparna Mazumdar

Additions: Vivek Prasad

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